Retirement Planning

We are very aware of the fact that the majority of people would not enjoy the prospect of meeting up to discuss pensions. This is because what should be a relatively simple concept of saving for retirement is shrouded in complexity thanks to the excessive use of jargon by pension providers and pension professionals.

Our job is to speak your language and cut through the jargon. This helps to have a really thorough discussion about what you are looking to achieve, whether that is planning for retirement, or wish to review your current retirement plans.

Retirement Planning is not simply about selling products, it is about setting out a realistic financial plan based upon your personal situation. This way we can consider how well you will meet your objectives, whether they are short term, medium term or long term. As the saying goes, ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’.

In life sometimes things do not go as planned and so decisions need to be made to determine what the next course of action should be. This is where any financial plan can be revisited and steps taken to address any changes.  So whether you are looking for advice on saving for retirement, you have reached retirement and want to consider your options, or you are already at retirement and looking to review your current strategy then give us a call.

For some individuals, they may have more specific retirement advice needs and I have listed some areas below to see if they resonate with your particular areas of concern:

  • Looking at maximising your pension contributions following advice from your Accountant;
  • Looking at the strategies for avoiding exceeding the maximum permissible pension fund;
  • Looking for advice on setting up a Self-Invested Pension Plan;
  • Looking at purchasing a commercial property via your pension;
  • Looking for advice on what to do with your pensions following Divorce;
  • Looking at what options you have with your pension if you are suffering from serious ill health.

As you can imagine, the above list is non-exhaustive and so please do get in contact with us whatever your specific needs are.